Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Family Pictures

We finally got some family pictures done. We did through my friend in Corona. She is amazing and actually got some really good picture of Ella. I highly recommend her if you need any pictures taken. Her website is

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2 Best Friends

While my brother and his family came into town, Ella got to spend some time with her cousin Abigal. These two little girls were sooo cute playing but a lot of work since the are both 18 months. With both their personalities shinning, I can see they will be good friends when they are older. As you can tell, I could not get one picture of both of them looking and smiling at the camera.


This is only made of legos including the cars and the people.Pretty amazing.

Today we went to Legoland with Rob, Raelene, Wendy, my mom, and all the kids. My brother came into town for the week so we had lots of fun things to do. Yesterday we went to Disneyland but I didn't bring my camera. Legoland was fun but there weren't a lot of rides for Ella to ride. In fact, she only rode 2. They did have an attraction full of lots of water and she loved to run through that. However she didn't have her bathing suit so we let her go in her diaper. I normally wouldn't do that but she could do anything at the park and she really wanted to run through it. I felt bad for her. I didn't want her clothes to get wet because it was toward the end of the day and I didn't want her to sit in her wet clothes. oh well. she had fun and I had fun.

Friday, August 15, 2008


While we were in the bay Area, Marcie, Drew, Marjie, Ella, and I went to Pixieland in Concord. I really wanted to go because I used to go there when I was little. Back then, it was called Funderland and they have all the same rides. Ella rode the airplanes all by herself and wanted to ride the dragon roller coaster but wasn't tall enough. she would just stare at it in amusement. We had lots of fun.

Bay Area Fun!!!!

Brent, Jared and Paige and Chevy's
Jordan, Me, Nicholas, and Jess
Ella hanging with the Nosal Boys.
Auntie Val and Ella
Marcie and Jeff
After getting pretty much everything moved in, We decided to take one more quick trip up to the Bay Area to visit family and friends before Jordan starts school. We first stayed with the Nosals for 3 nights followed by Marcie's for 3 nights. Our vacation was filled with visiting family and friends, Marcie's birthday, Marjie's birthday, laying poolside watching TV day and night in the Nosal's pool, Pixieland, shopping, watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and the finale of So You Think You Can Dance (Go Joshua). we had a blast and Ella didn't get sick like last time.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Say Cheese!! OC Fair

After spending a few days of straight unpacking, we decided to take a break and visit the Orange County Fair. We had lots of fun. When we got to the fair, we looked around in the arts and crafts, visited the petting zoo, and watched the people ride the crazy rides. It was a fun day.