Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our Christmas Picture

This is our Christmas picture. It was taken at our ward party. Merry Christmas!

This is Ella at 10 months. She is getting more and more busier everyday. She crawls all over the place and can stand for short periods of time (5-20 sec). Her favorite thing to do is pull herself up on everything and move from place to place hanging onto things. Her hair is getting longer and the curls seem to fill up her head. I am starting to use clips in her hair instead of headbands because there is so much hair. Ella is discovering many new words. Here they are

Da Da


Ma Ma


I do

Ba Bi

Bee bee (baby)

as at (as at)

Na Na

Na ma na ma (food)

She likes to play "Patty cake" and clap her hands. She also likes to sing "The wheels on the bus" with me. When she stands up on things, she is starting to dance a little by moving up and down. It is so cute. She is also eating more solid foods and pretty much will not eat any more baby food because she likes to feed herself. She is so much fun and is turning more into a little girl. We love her.

Ella's 1st Thanksgiving

This is Ella on Thanksgiving. We went to my parents house. Ryan, Wendy, Maylan, and Brandon came too. Ella loved the turkey! She would walk all over the house in her walker eating turkey and rolls. We were supposed to go to the Bay Area to see Jordan's parents but it was too close to finals for Jordan so we decided to stay home with my parents. It was fun day.

Ella's 1st pair of Flip Flops

This is Ella's first pair of flips flops. I know it is winter but living in Southern California allows her to wear them now. She is truly a California Girl.

This is Ella at the park swinging on the swings. She thinks it is funny to hit me while she is swinging.