Sunday, June 5, 2011

Slip & Slide

For Memorial Day Weekend, we went to see the Crall family in San Antonio. We came on Saturday and left on Monday. We went out to eat, played on the slip and slide, went to a splash park, and had an awesome BBQ. We love the Crall family and Carter and Ella played really well together. I loved holding their 2 month old baby, Calab too. Ella still talks about going on a slip and slide. We might have to get her one.




Carter and Ella

Katy Fun Run!!

We recently moved to the Houston Area so Jordan can start his new job. He is working as a Land Negotiator for an oil and gas company called Occidental Petroleum (aka OXY). He LOVES is new job. Anyways, we live in a suburb called Katy and we're already loving it. The ward is amazing and there are 19 sumbeams, and 2 nursery classes. The people are so friendly and we are excited to be here. The first week we were here, our family decided to participate in a stake/city 5k run. I pushed the girls the whole time in my double stroller for 3.1 miles. It was a good workout and I ended up placing 3rd in my age group (age 20-29) and I got a medal. I was proud of myself. The girls were good motivation. They kept saying,"Faster mommy! Faster!" After the race, they had a carnival with games, bounce houses, food, and fire truck tours. The girls loved hanging out there.
After the run pic. So lovely. It was hot and humid!

wearing the fireman's hat

McKenna loved the bounce house!

LLM Law School Graduation

Yes!! Jordan is officially finished with school!!! HOORAY!!! We weren't planning on going to the graduation until about the day before when Jordan decided he wanted to walk. So, we drove 2.5 hours to Austin from Houston to attend. I sat at his graduation alone with 2 little kids for over 3 hours! It was entertaining for all the people who sat around us. The cool thing about graduation, is that the girls got to walk on the stage with Jordan as he got awarded. The graduation was called a sunflower ceremony where the graduates wear black and white and are awarded sunflowers. The girls also received sunflowers too. It was worth the 3 hours of waiting to see my husband and girls walk together. I'm so proud of my husband and his accomplishments. He works so hard to support and make his family happy. We love him!

waiting for daddy to graduate

Waiting to walk on stage

Getting their sunflowers

The longhorn salute. Hook em Horns!!!
quick family pic

Ella in front of the Longhorn Stadium

Cali Trip!

After Brittney's Wedding, the girls and I hitched a ride with my parents back to California. Beside the 9 hour drive home, it was a great trip. I got to see lots of my friends, ate some awesome real mexican food, shopped, went to the OC swap meet, Laguna Beach, Hollywood, Debbie's aerobics class. It felt like old times. We loved it. We look forward to going back in June!

Ella and her papa

Aunt Brittney and Ella in Hollywood

Ella and new Uncle Davey digging a hole

Laguna Beach with my girls


Since Brittney and Davey's wedding was Easter weekend, we got to spend Easter with my family. We attended 3 easter egg hunts in one day. My girls loved it and got lots of candy. It was good spending lots of time with Laurie and Adam and their kids.

Easter morning, waiting to see what the Easter Bunny brought them.

Proud of all her eggs

Daddy helping

City egg hunt

Smiths grocery store egg hunt

Brittney's Wedding

On April 22, 2011, My little sister Brittney got married! It was such a wonderful day. My whole family got to see her get married in the Mt Timpanogos Temple. We are so happy to have Davey part of our family. Ella and McKenna were both flower girls. They were pretty cute!

McKenna, Ella, and Abigail

Our Family Pic

My beautiful sister

Ella and Davey

My Parents with all their 17 grandchildren

Brit and Davey dancing at the reception. I love her dancing dress!