Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Visit to my Second Family

JD and Ella

David and Ella

Sally and Ella

This week, Ella and I got to visit the Nosal Family in Huntington Beach. They were on their Spring Break visiting the Hyatt Regency. Ella and I planned on being there for part of the day and ended up staying the whole day. We laid by the pool, played volleyball on the beach, and then had dinner at BJ's. We had so much fun. Ella loved David! The first time she saw him, she reached her hands out to him (something she normally doesn't do to strangers) . She would sit on his lap and give him lot of cuddles. She loved being around Sally and gave her kisses too. She was a little worried when JD came close to her. Anyways, we had lots of fun spending time with them. I call them my second family because I used to live with them when I nannied and they took very good care of me. They always treated me as if I was one of there own. It was sooo good to see them. I hope we get up to the Bay Area soon so we can see them again.

Beached Out!

We went to the beach 3 times this week. It was Spring Break for most people and the weather was great! We went to 3 different beaches too; Long Beach, Corona Del Mar,and Huntingon. We had lots and lots of fun and got lots and lots of sun. Ella has tan lines already. These pictures were at Corona Del Mar (Little Corona). It had a little river that Ella could walk and play in. She loved it! She also enjoyed eating the sand when her Mommy wasn't watching her.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ella's 2nd Easter Egg Hunt

For Easter, we went over to my parents house with Ryan and Wendy. We had a great Easter dinner and Easter egg hunt. It was only Maylan, Brandon, and Ella in the hunt so they got a ton of eggs. My mom showed Ella how to open the eggs and eat the candy so every egg she picked up, she would open it and try to eat the candy. I took the candy away from her but she managed to find some chocolate and made a mess out of herself and her easter dress.

Ella's First Easter Egg Hunt.

This Ella's first Easter egg hunt. She loved it. We did it with Wendy and her ward (Terra Vista). Ella loved picking up the eggs and putting them into the basket. It was a game to her. At that time, she did not know there was candy in them. She found that out in the next Easter egg hunt we had on Easter.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Picture Time!

We finally got Ella's 1 year pictures taken at Kiddie Kandids. It was quite an intersting experience trying to take professional pictures of a one year old. All she wanted to to is walk off the picture area and she had no fear of falling. I asked Wendy, Maylan and Brandon to come and help me entertain her. After jumping, singing, dancing, and making complete fools out of ourselves, we managed to get some pictures of her.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Fun Never Ended!!

Ella watching the 3-D movie! She actually watched most of it.
It was at hot day and Ella loved to run through the water fountains.
Spending time in Toontown!
My sister Lisa Came down from Bosie, ID with her 4 kids Lauren, Ashley, Emma, and Preston. My other sister Laurie can down with her 2 boys, Kaden and Kyle. We had sooo much fun with them and Ella loved to be with her cousins. The whole week they were here, we had many activities planned. We went on the sailboat, went to The American Girl Place, Hollywood, spent two days at Disneyland, and ended up in Palm Springs. It was a busy but fun week. We enjoyed having them here and miss them soo much.

The American Girl Place

We went to The American Girl Place at the Grove in Hollywood. The store was filled with every possible American Girl thing. The girls got to bring their dolls and they dressed them up, did their hair, and had lunch with them. Ella brought her Bitty Baby her grandma Scott gave to her. The cafe we ate at was soo cute and the dolls got to sit next the girls. The lunch was a 5 course meal. It was very elegant and such a memorable moment. It is something I plan to take Ella again when she is a little older. Maybe we'll go with Grandma Scott because it is her kind of place.