Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas in Boise

Ella in front of all the presents she thinks are all for her.

The kids put in a nativity play for the adults on Christmas Eve. Ella was a shepard but she acted more like a wandering sheep with her cousin Preston because they were all over.

Ella opening up a baby Elmo doll from her Grandma and Grandpa Blocker.

This Holiday season we spent in many places. For Christmas we were in Boise at my sister Lisa's house. We drove up there with my parents and because it was such a long drive we stopped in Utah for 2 days. We got to visit with my sister Laurie and her family. We finally met baby Kloe. She is sooo cute and belongs perfectly in the family. We left Christmas Eve to Boise and spent 6 days there. We were there with Lisa and Ryan, Laurie and Adam, Brittney and my parents. Christmas was soo fun. Ella loved opening presents and liked her toys along with all her cousin's toys especially her younger cousin Preston. She thought they were all for her (typical for an almost two year old). We had lots of fun spending time with family, playing in the snow, eating wonderful food, and playing the Wii. After 6 days of Idaho fun, we hopped on and airplane to Portland for New Years with Jordan's parents.