Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dinosaur tracks

the group!

Ella leading the hike

Hanging out on daddy's shoulders

Ella and Jackson

Ella's foot on the dinosaur tracks!

Yesterday, A few friends and us decided to take a hike to find dinosaur tracks. Our good friend is a geologist and said that he has seen dinosaur tracks nearby. So, we went to check them out. After a little short hike, we found them. Ella thought it was really cool. We walked around for a little bit and then headed back for pizza! It was a fun afternoon and we hope to do it again.

YMCA Soccer

Super excited!

playing the game

Upset the kids kept pushing her. McKenna enjoying the game.

High fives at the end!

Ella just started her first soccer experience. She is on the YMCA Bears team. It's a 4-5 yr old division so she is one of the youngest kids on the team. Yesterday, she had her 1st game. We had practiced a little with her and it was always just Jordan and I working with her. When she started the game, she was so upset because the other kids kept pushing her and taking the ball away from her. It was funny at how competitive she is at 4 yrs old. We look forward to the next 7 weeks of soccer. I can now say I'm a soccer mom. Where's my van???


Waiting in the waiting room with Daddy.

Modeling her hospital gown!

A little nervous but she was a trooper!

About a week ago, Ella had to get tubes in her ears. After having many ear infections and a trip to the ENT specialist, we decided the surgery needed to be done. We arrived to the hospital at 6:45am. Ella was seen by the child life specialist, anesthesiologist, and doctor before the procedure was done. She was a little nervous and scared but the nurses were amazing. I also got the doctor to remove the skin tag on her ear too. The experience couldn't have been any better. We were out of the hospital at 8:30am. Our good friends, Emily and Darrin, watched McKenna so we can spend this special time with Ella. By 11:00am, Ella was completely back to her normal self and she says her ears don't her anymore.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Girls Night Out!

Heidi, Me, Joanie, Emily, Jodie, Vee, and Heidi's mom.

Last Thursday, we had girls night out. Once a month, girls in my ward get together and go to dinner or dessert. We get to relax and chat girl talk without our kids. I look forward to it every month. This last time, we went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Joanie and Heidi's birthday. It was so nice to get out, I am so sad to be leaving them soon.

Swim Lessons

For about a month and a half, Ella has been taking swim lessons at the YMCA. Before taking classes, she was afraid of putting her head in the water. I figured she needs many swim lessons to help her gain confidence and actually swim. So far, she has come a long way. I took these pics last Wednesday at her last lesson. She now can put her face in the water. I'm so proud of her. I know sometimes things are out of her comfort zone but she is really good at trying them. I plan to keep her in lessons until summer and hope she will be swimming.

Dance Class

learning new steps

She's in the center with the black skirt

McKenna wearing Ella's old ballet shoes that are way to big for her. She thinks she is part of the class.

Ella is part of a little dancers class at the YMCA. This class focuses on ballet and creative movement. Ella loves to dance. Her favorite part is the free dance at the end and she can dance around with wands her teacher Amy provides. McKenna thinks its her dance class too. She kind of wanders around the room attempting some of the moves. Most the time she doesn't bother the girls but sometimes I have to interfere. McKenna also loves the free dance at the end. She runs all around waving her magic wand. It's so cute!

Good Friends

Allie, McKenna, Ella, and Kailee

Last weekend, my friend Shannon came to visit the Austin area. She came from the Dallas area to visit some family and gave me a call. I met her at a park and we let the kids play while we caught up. Her little girls were so cute and I wish we lived closer because I think they would be good friends. Shannon and I were both in the elementary education program at BYU. We actually had our first baby girls a day apart and met up in the hospital to see each other while we were still recovering. We hope to make a trip up to the Dallas area soon to visit them.