Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Houston Aquarium

Jordan has been working in California for 7 weeks. He finally was able to come back to visit us for the weekend. Boy, it was nice to have him home. Jordan's law school friend, Preston, and his fiance came from San Antonio to visit us for the day. So we went to the Houston Aquarium. It was fun and the girls enjoyed loving all the fish. You can see the excitement in Ella's eyes. Both girls actually got to touch some fish and they thought it was cool. It was fun day to spend with the family. Now Jordan is back in Cali. I can't wait to visit him in a week!

Our family at the Houston Aquarium

Touching the fish with Daddy

Downtown Houston

Cinco Ranch Pools

One of the things I love about Katy is that they have swimming pools galore. Cinco Ranch (a housing development) has 6 pools, a beach club, and 2 water parks. We have so much fun hopping from one pool to the next and its all FREE. These pics are from just a pool (not a water park). It has a 2 kiddie areas with mini slides for the kids. My girls LOVE it. They go down them over and over again. Every time McKenna goes down she says, "Again! Again! One more time!". It's so cute. Ella is getting more comfortable with the water and swam from one length of the pool to the other (with a padded life vest). That's a big accomplishment for her.

The kiddie area
sliding down the slides

Pump it up!!

My Friend V came from Austin to visit us for a few days. While she was here we went to Memorial City Mall, ate at CPK, swam twice at the awesome Cinco Ranch pools, and went to Pump it up! We had blast. Here is a pic from pump it up. This is actually Itza my friend from Katy. V was taking the pic.

Ethan, Itza, Me, and McKenna

all of us going down the big slide

Austin Visit

While Jordan has been working in California and me being alone with the girls, I decided to take a quick trip up to Austin to visit some friends. One of my friends was getting married and she was having a bachelorette party so I thought I would join in on the fun. While we were there, we also went on Lake Austin on my friend Heidi's boat. It was so much fun and made me miss Austin even more. The lake was gorgeous and the kids loved swimming in the water. It was Ella and McKenna's first boat ride too. They actually sat still. We love and miss Austin so much!

Look how cute we decorated the table.

Swimming in Lake Austin

Taking a break and eating a snack. She didn't want to take the tube ring off.

Getting ready to jump off the back