Sunday, October 26, 2008


Jordan and I have been very active recently in the Yes on 8 campaign in CA. It's something that we feel very strongly about. We have encountered a lot of enthusiasm and support for Proposition 8 as we've surveyed people on the phone and talked with people on the street regarding their position. For us, it's imperative that marriage retain its traditional definition. Our only disappointment through our avid support of Proposition 8 is that some opponents misconceive the amendment as some kind of hate initiative. This notion is just not true. We love people, regardless of sexual orientation. Nevertheless, domestic partnerships and civil unions already provide non-heterosexual couples all rights associated with civil marriage. So why extend the definition of marriage to include anyone other than 1 man and 1 woman? Allowing non-heterosexual couples to be married threatens the very nature of marriage and societal values. Schools WILL be required to teach homosexual relationships on the same plane as heterosexual ones. Kids will be exposed to this at an early age, as the recent history of Massachusetts has shown. Further, the very idea of religious freedom, upon which this country was founded, may be compromised when religious organizations refuse to hold marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples. These are only a couple of the possible repercussions that worry us should Prop 8 not pass. That's why we ask Californians to
Vote Yes on Proposition 8
this November. Again, this is NOT about hate, it IS about protecting the sanctity of marriage for ourselves and our children. That is why it's important that we maintain the traditional definition of marriage to be one between a man and a woman. More information regarding Proposition 8 can be found at www.

Twick or Tweet

For Halloween this year, our family decided to be part of the 50's. My wonderful sister in law, Wendy, made the cutest poodle skirts for us to wear. Our first Halloween event this year was our ward trunk-or-treat. It was a Halloween party followed by trick or treating in the parking lot. People would decorate their cars and kids would trick or treat car to car. Ella loved the concept of trick or treating. She loved going car to car saying "twick or tweet". It was soo cute. After we finished going to all the cars, she insisted on going again. She would walk to anyone who had a bag of candy and say "twick or tweet". She was soo fascinated with all the candy and would take breaks by plopping in the middle of the crowds and looking at her candy in amazement. When we got home she ate a lollipop and that was the last of her candy that she knows of. The rest is for mommy and daddy.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bay Area Fun

Ella and Grammy Scott

Auntie Val and Jordan

Marjie and Marcie

Hanging out with Josh and Sara and the Yogurt Shack

Grandma Jean, Jordan, and Ella

Last week, we made a little trip up to the Bay Area to visit family and pick up some things. Ella and I flew up on Monday and Jordan drove up on Thursday. Jordan's grandma, Grandma Jean, had just been put into the an assisted living home and was moving out of her house. The sweet and kind grandma she is, gave us some of her belongings, including a car and the Scott family genealogy. Jordan's parents also met us there from Washington and gave us some furniture. We scored! Now our house actually looks furnished and feels more like a home. After our trip, we looked at the many boxes of genealogy we received and are soo excited to learn more about Jordan's family history. Grandma Jean is an amazing person who loves her family deeply. We are so blessed we get to have the family history and hope to keep up with the amazing work she has put into this.
While we were there, we were able to visit with family and see a few friends we haven't seen in a while. We love the Bay Area. Every time Jordan and I go up there, we always say "we hope someday we can live here". Beside the fact that you can't find a house for under a half a million dollars, you can't beat the beautiful weather and the friends and family. Maybe that will happen. You never know.

Jumping Jacks!!!

Ella and I went to a place called Jumping Jacks for Hannah Foate's Birthday. This place was soo cool. It was a giant warehouse with lots of bounce houses in it. Ella loved jumping on them. She had no fear of going through the obstacles and sliding down the slides. She even slid down all by herself. When we got home she was exhasted from all the fun.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where have we been?

Okay, I know it has been a long time since I made a post. Lots of things have been going on. First of all, we moved in August to a new apartment. Several days after that, we went to the Bay Area for a week, Jordan started his second year of law school, we have had family in town, and we didn't have Internet so I couldn't post anything. Excuses, Excuses, NO MORE Excuses! Things have settled down and we finally got Internet about a week ago allowing me to blog again.

As for our family, Jordan started school again. It is going sooo much better than last year. He actually has time to spend with his family. Ella and I love it. He enjoys his classes and loves to study law. He had been working hard but also has time to relax and spend time with his family.

I have been busy taking care of a now 20 month old who is full of lots of energy. I have picked up a hobby of running every morning with 2 girls from our ward. They have kids also, so the 3 of us run pushing jogging strollers. It is quite the workout. I keep myself busy by also tutoring my niece Maylan in math 2 times a week and watching my cousin Paige 2 times a week.

Ella is Ella. She is as busy as can be. She is at such a fun age. Her personality shines. We got rid of the pacifier at 18 months (she gets it at bed time)and since then, She talks,and talks, and talks. She can say sentences of 3-4 words but most of the time she just babbles and then you recognize a few words in between them. It amazes me how much she learns each day. I feel like I will tell her a word once and she remembers it. She has an interest of using the potty and goes in it about once a day and she can say the letters of the alphabet(after repeating them from me). She is getting sooo big. She had developed an interest for Elmo and watches Elmo's world all the time (no more Baby Einstein). I am soo blessed that I get to be with her everyday of her life and see her accomplishments. I'm sad to see her grow up but look forward to watching her learn and progress. We love her!