Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ella's 1st Gymnastics Class

Ella and Daddy in the foam pit

This fall, we enrolled Ella into her first gymnastics class at Precision Gymnastics. It's a mommy and me class she started when she was 18 months and I know she might seem sooo young to be in gymnastics but it has made her grow in a lot of areas. Her physical developmental skills have improved by balancing on the balance beam, climbing a ladder, and jumping on a trampoline. She loves doing somersaults (with help from her mom) and log rolls. Her coordination skills have improved along with her confidence. This girl thinks she can do whatever any big kid can do. She is more confident at the park and doesn't like when I try to spot her when she starts climbing. She make me nervous but so far she hasn't fallen.
Ella loves going to gymnastics! At the end of her class, she always gets a stamp and a sticker. That is probably her favorite part. When we walk in, she always says, "sticker!". She LOVES stickers! We are so proud of her accomplishments. This last week Jordan didn't have class so he came to watch us and take pictures. He was impressed at how much Ella could do. His favorite part was the giant foam pit. Ella loved jumping to him. The class is ending in 2 weeks and we hope to continue enrolling for another session this winter.

Maylan's 50's Birthday Party

Ella with her 50's dude cousin, Brandon.

Last Sunday, my niece Maylan celebrated her 8th birthday and had her party the day before at Mel's Drive In (a 50's place). It was the cutest party. First of all, Wendy made every single girl invited to the party a poodle skirt. 17 girls were invited! The girls got to wear their skirts, play 50's theme games, and eat hamburgers, french fries, and milkshakes. They had a blast! What was great about it, was the whole party took place at the restaurant and there was no mess at home. That is my kind of party!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Trick or Treat Time!

For actual Halloween night, we went to Ryan and Wendy's along with my parents and some other people in their ward. We started off the night by ordering pizza and hanging out waiting for it to get dark. Ella was very anxious to get out there. She made the connection that wearing her poodle skirt and carrying her pumpkin gets her candy. There were about 1o kids in our group and Ella thought she was "hot stuff" walking with the big kids. She went to every single door they did and would never let go of her pumpkin. It got pretty full and heavy and you can tell it was heavy for her to carry but she would not let it go if her life depended on it. After trick-or-treating, we were supposed to sit by an fire pit, but it was still so warm outside, there was no need to use it. Ella had a great time trick-or-treating and spending time with her cousins and friends. She now knows what candy is and sure likes it!