Monday, June 8, 2009

My Baby Shower

The one pregnant shot of me. Everyone says I'm small for 33 weeks. Enjoy!
The wonderful food
The beautiful cake Wendy made. She is soo talented.

Playing games
Me, my mom, and Wendy. We all wore PINK which wasn't planned. My mom and Wendy actually wore the same shirt. It was pretty funny.

Last week, Wendy and my mom threw me a beautiful baby shower. We had lots of people there along with lots of food. I received a ton of clothes and enjoyed visiting with friends. I'm soo excited for my little girl to come so I can dress her all up cute. We also finished the girls room and we are anxiously waiting for her arrival. I have been officially put off bed rest and the baby girl looks very healthy. The specialist said there is a 90% chance I will make it full term (37 weeks). I feel great and I'm super happy I have made it this far. Lets hope I make it full term.

Bay Area

Marcie, Jeff, and Auntie Val at The Cheesecake Factory

My wonderful Mother-in-law and Me

Ella swinging with her Grammy and Auntie

Ella loves her Grammy

Jessica, Colby, Brent, Sarah, Josh, Ella, and Jordan

Silly Face!

Memorial Day weekend, we headed up for last minute trip to the Bay Area. Jordan's Grandma Jean had recently passed away and family was coming into town. I got permission from my OB and with an hour to pack and leave, we were on our way. We stayed with our wonderful friends Josh and Sarah who were soo sweet to lets sleep there, especially on short notice. While we were there, we visited family and a few friends, along with a little shopping of course. We enjoyed spending time with his family espcially when we surprised Ella's Grammy!

Summer time is here

Ella has always been afraid of the water and didn't like to be in it. She used to scream when we put her in the pool. This year is different, she loves the water. We got her a life jacket and she feels comfortable and secure. The last time we went to the pool, Jordan got her to move her hands across the edge. She moved around the whole pool all by herself. She thought she was soo big and it gave her a lot of confidence. We signed her up for swim lessons and she will be starting in a week. Maybe she will be swimming by the end of summer. We'll see.

Marcie, Jeff, and Drew

Drew, Ella, and Marcie at Little Corona (Corona Del Mar beach)
Drew pulling Ella on the Boogie Board. She thought she was "hot stuff"

Playing in in the sand

The gang hanging out in the morning

Marcie, Jeff, and Drew came down to visit us for the weekend. While they were here, we went to the beach. It was supposed to be really hot where we live which is inland, so we thought it would be a nice sunny day at the beach. It turned out to be FREEZING! The sun did not shine the whole time. We stayed at the beach for a few hours. The boys went boogie boarding while the girls sat all bundled up. we still had fun. We left the beach and visited the time share in Newport where they had a pool and spa. We warmed up in the spa however, I could only put my feet in but it was better than the freezing beach.

Padres Game

Our only Family pic. Ella looks silly
John, Christy, and baby Abby

Jordan and John

Our awesome seats!

A while back ago (end of April), We visited some friends John, Christy, and Abby Vanderwerken that were in town from Texas. John and Jordan were mission companions and they went to BYU together. In fact we stayed at their place when were were only married for 2 weeks waiting to move into our place. Christy's from San Diego, so we made a quick day trip down there to visit them. While we were there, We attended the Padres game. We had lots of fun and our seats were really good. Too bad they lost and it was soooo crowded that you had to wait an hour to get some some food. We ended up leaving a little early and ate some good Mexican food elsewhere. We had lots of Fun!