Sunday, February 15, 2009

We are having a....

Yes we are blessed to be having a sweet little girl! I am 18 1/2 weeks pregnant and due sometime around July 16th. This pregnancy has been really hard for me. At 13 weeks I was diagnosed with a subchorionic hematoma which means that part of the placenta was torn from the uterus wall causing very heavy bleeding. This is not very common and only happens in 1.3 % of pregnancies. Most subchorionic hematomas are usually between 1-2 cm in size but mine is 10 cm (4 inches) putting me at a high risk of miscarriage. Scary!
The first time it happened, we were flying home from New Years in Portland on an airplane and I had an extremely large gush of blood come out causing them to stop the plane (luckily it hadn't taken off in the air) and me being rushed to the hospital in Sacramento. It was terrible and so embarrassing! From then on till now, I have been put on bed rest, had meals brought in, lots of babysitting, several ultrasounds, many trips to the ER, and fear of my baby's survival. The doctors said there isn't anything to do except wait to see it the placenta will reattach to the uterus wall.
So I have been on bed rest for 5 1/2 weeks. It has been the hardest thing for me especially since I love to go and I have a 2 year old that I can't lift. My husband has been amazing! He cooks, cleans, grocery shops, and changes Ella's poopy diapers. I also am blessed to live by my mom, who takes care of me during the week when Jordan is at school. I usually stay with her Monday- Thursday and then I go home on the weekends.
Last Friday I had an ultrasound and they found that my placenta had moved up the uterus wall correctly since it was placenta previa which means it was covering my cervix. The doctor said that he couldn't find a tear anymore which means the placenta has attached. HOORAY! I am still bleeding so I am still on bed rest until I see my OB next Thursday. Just because it attached doesn't mean it will stay attached so I still have to take it really easy. I hope when I go in on Thursday, it will be good news.
All the ultrasounds I have had, our little girl has been measuring big (just like her sister) which is a good sign that the placenta is working properly and she is getting nutrients. What a blessing! I am soo grateful to be having this little girl. I guess you really don't appreciate a healthy pregnancy until something goes wrong. I was so lucky to carry Ella perfectly and hope the rest of my pregnancy will go better and will carry her full term. I can't wait until July when I can see her. Lets hope there is more good news to follow. I'll keep you posted!

Ella Turns 2!

Ella celebrated her 2nd birthday last Sunday. We can"t believe our little girl is two. She has grown up soo much and is an official toddler. This girl talks soo much and has so much personality. She understands what we say to her and follows directions if she pleases. She is fun and full of lots of energy. She can recite the majority of the alphabet and count to 10. Her favorite songs to sing are ABC's and Ring Around the Rosies and sings them all day long. When she is not singing, she talks and there are no longer quiet cars rides because she always has something to say. She loves to go, and her favorite things to do are sing, go to the park, color anything she can get a hold of, play with her cousins Maylan and Brandon, push her baby around in the stroller, and read books. she is soo much fun to be around except when she throws her fits. We took her to the doctor this week for her 2 year old check up and she 34 1/2 lbs (97 percentile) and 35 inches (80 percentile). She finally made it under the 100 percentile for her age since she has always been off the charts. We love her soo much and are so blessed to have a beautiful healthy girl. I was going to have a birthday party for her with all her friends but because of my circumstances of being on bed rest it had to be cancelled. I was crushed but Ella had no clue. All she seemed to care about was presents and she got plenty of them. We had my parents for over for dinner on Sunday and we had the family party on Monday. Ryan and Wendy came over with there kids. We had homemade tacos for dinner followed by an awesome caterpillar cake made by Wendy. It was soo cute. Ella's favorite part was opening presents especially since they were all for her. Thanks Mom and Wendy for doing the party. We loved it!

Knott's Berry Farm

Ella and Daddy on the "Zoom Zoom Cars"

Instead of Disneyland passes for the year we got Knott's Berry Farm Pass from my parents for Christmas. So far we have only been once, but Ella loved it. There is a section in the Park dedicated to little kids called Camp Snoopy. It was filled with little rides and attractions. It is perfect for Ella. She thought she was "hot stuff'" going ride to ride but with her daddy by her side. That day we just hung out in Camp Snoopy and didn't adventure out to the big rides. We hope to go soon.