Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Kickers!

For Ella's preschool, we went on a field trip to the Upland Area to have a soccer activity. Ella had a blast kicking the ball around. She also loved being part of a team. We hope to go back there soon.

My Birthday!

We first celebrated by going to Disneyland on Friday night. We were surprised at how not crowed it was since it was the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. I wanted to see the fireworks show since we haven't seen it since we have had our passes. While we were there, we met up with our friends the Holbrooks and we rode a few rides. We weather was also perfect it was a great way to start my birthday.
The next day, Jordan watched our girls while I went for a morning run all by myself. Then he arranged for me to receive a 1 hour massage at Massage Envy which was awesome. Then I met up with my mom and Wendy for lunch at P.F. Changs, followed by some shopping. On Sunday, We had a nice dinner at my parents house and on Monday, I went more shopping and had dinner at the Macaroni Grill. We was a fun and relaxing birthday.

solid foods

McKenna has started on solids about a month ago and she loves it! My next challenge is getting her to take a bottle. She will not take it for anything. Any suggestions?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

McKenna's New Toy

I bought this jumper for McKenna on craigslist yesterday. I wasn't going to buy her one but noticed how much it would keep her entertained so I bought it when she is almost 6 months old. I wish I would have bought it 2 months ago. Oh well. She is very amused by it so far and I'm so happy I made the purchase.

My little baby looks soo old.

Disneyland with daddy!

Jordan is still on his Christmas break so this week we went to Disneyland. It was not crowded so we pretty much waited 5-10 min for each ride. Jordan starts on Monday (Jan 11) so we took advantage of the free time he has until he gets busy again.
Jordan and Ella riding the Matterhorn. Ella loves roller coasters like her aunt Marcie.

Riding Small World.
McKenna was so amused while Ella sang pretty much the whole time.

Plane Ride Home

Our flight home was one fun flight. Jordan and I got our own row so we had more space. Ella watched Care Bears the first leg of the flight and slept the second. McKenna talked the first leg and slept the second. Jordan slept the first leg in his own row. How nice would that be? He was exhausted because he had to carry 6 of our bags weighing between 47-50 lbs through the airport. I was too cheap to check them at the curb.
McKenna's first flight home.

New Years Eve

New Years Eve, we did some shopping during the day and then spent the night in. We had a lovely dinner followed by these popper toys that you break and they give you a crown and a toy of some sort. We put the girls down and spent the evening playing games, talking, and watching TV.
Aunt Marcie bought Ella this sucker at the mall. I thought it would keep her occupied for a while but she chowed it down in 3 minutes and wanted another. My break didn't last long.
McKenna slept most of the time. She is such a good baby.

Grammy and Ella

The Scott Clan

Girls Day Out

We had a girls day out and spent the day in Downtown Portland. We first got our hair done at this really cute salon. Then we went to lunch at this Italian cafe followed by some shopping. We took advantage of the no sales tax because we were in Oregon. It was a fun relaxing day. Ella stayed home with Jordan, and his dad, so I got a little break. Thanks Marjie for the great day.
McKenna experienced her first snow. We had to take a picture.

Fun in the Snow

While we were in Portland, Ella got to experience snow. It was not her first time seeing snow but the first time in a year. She loved it. We bundled her up and went went out at night. She ran around with Penny (Marcie's dog). She looked like Ralphie on "Christmas Story". The snow only stayed for a day and was washed away with the rain but we had fun it while it was here.

Penny was covered in chunks of snow.

Hanging out after playing!