Friday, September 24, 2010

We moved to Texas!

Yes we moved to Austin, Texas. Jordan is attending the University of Texas doing a LLM program. He is getting an advanced law degree in global energy and oil and gas. We have been here for about a month and a half and in the short time that we have been here, we really have enjoyed it. Everyone is so friendly and our church ward is great. Jordan loves school and currently looking for internships and job positions. My life is busy with joy school, dance class, storytime, play group, and College Football. I look forward to every Saturday to watch football. I miss California a lot, especially my family. The weather is HOT and HUMID but I'm already adjusting to it. We feel this was the right move for us and we look forward to spending the next year exploring Austin.
Excited for Texas!

All the wonderful people who cared about us!

We love the Red Hill ward!

Tired from a long day of moving! Oh yeah, we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary the day we moved. Happy Anniversary to us!

Final days!

The last few days we spent in California before we moved to Texas, we decided to spend at the place we would miss the most, the beach. We went to Huntington Beach with my parents and Ryan and Wendy. It was a gorgeous day and the weather was perfect. We also spent time at the US open of surfing. McKenna loved the water and had no fear of it. We got to spend some good quality time with family. We miss them soo much!

The Nosal Family

While in the Bay Area, we visited the Nosals for 2 days. We had fun just hanging out, laying out at the pool, eating out, riding in sweet cars, and just spending time with them. We got to see JD before he went off to college, along with some of the old neighborhood gang. Sally had so many toys and puzzles for Ella that she thought she was at a toy store. She still talks about going back there. She LOVES Sally and grandma too and we hope to visit again soon.
The girls and JD

Staying up late having a pajama party!

McKenna was really comfortable with Danny. She just sat in his lap happy as can be.
Ella hanging out with Grandma

Heather's wedding!

Right before we moved to Texas, we got to make one last trip up to the Bay Area for Heather's wedding. Ella was honored to be the flower girl and loved every minute of it. She would twirl around in her dress and flirt with all the groomsmen (no joke). The wedding went until about 11:00 and she danced her little heart out till the end. Jordan was studying for the Bar so he couldn't come but decided to take a last minute flight and cab that brought him to the wedding only minutes before the ceremony. His special appearance made the bride Heather cry. One thing that was fun about the wedding, is that Jordan and I had our wedding reception there so it brought back many memories.

Heather and Ella

The beautiful flower girl

Ella and Marcie

The wedding party

So happy he came!

Ella loves her Papa and Grammy

she stole a groomsman's shades

McKenna worn out

Jordan and his cousin Heather

Dancing all night!

Cousin's Camp 2010

In July, we had our 3rd annual Cousin's Camp at Cherry Hill. The girls in our family left their husbands and camped for 4 nights with their kids. Sounds crazy but it was really fun. The cousins loved playing with each other and every activity was geared toward the kids. While we were there, we celebrated McKenna's 1st Birthday which was great. We also visited my grandpa too.
Abba Dabba and Ella Bella

Showing off the Cousin's Camp shirt

Great group picture

The Blocker Girls

Me and my girls. Love them to death!

Birthday Girl!