Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Wonderful Trip to the Bay Area

This last past weekend, we went to the Bay Area to visit some our friends and family. A week before our trip, Ella had an ear infection and was put on amoxicillion. The night before we left she broke out in hives and ran a fever of 102. The morning before we left we took her into urgent care and the doctor put her on another antibiotic. Thinking she would be okay, we drove to the Bay Area. As the trip progressed Ella only got worse and worse. She had a fever of 103, hives, no appetite for food, and couldn't keep any food down. So on Saturday we took her into John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek. She was dehydrated so they ran an IV and also ran some tests on her. They even gave her a catheter (poor thing). That was one of the hardest things I have seen. They believed it was an allergic reaction to the amoxicillion. She broke out into hives while we were there so they gave her some steroids and benadryl though the IV.
After 7 hours in the ER they released her and said not to do anything until she gets better. Well, there went our vacation. We didn't get to see anyone. We stayed at Jordan's sister Marcie's house so we got to spend time with her and Jeff and Drew. We are sorry to those we didn't get to see. We hope to be up there soon. Since then, Ella is doing a little better. She still won't eat anything and is drinking pedialyte with 7up. I took he to the doctor today and based on her blood work results, she thinks Ella has a virus but is not sure. SO WHAT DOES SHE HAVE? It's so frustrating. We have seen 3 different doctors and no one can tell what she officially has. She is getting some blood work done tomorrow and maybe that will determine what is wrong with her.
I feel so bad for her because she is not herself and you can tell she feels uncomfortable. I love her sooo much and wish I could take her place. We hope she gets better soon so I can be with my busy little girl.

Ella's Best Friend

Mari, Matt, and Taylor came to visit us last week. Mari was my roomate in college. We both have little girls that are 3 weeks apart. Taylor is so much smaller than Ella it doesn't seem like it. It was fun seeing the girls play with each other. We went swimming, played at the park, went to Chili's, and watched the finale of American Idol. Mari just moved down to San Diego in December and I'm so excited because now we can spend more time with each other. We plan to visit them in June.

Uncle Jim's 50th Birthday!!!

My uncle Jim turned 50 on May 17th and we had a party! We went up to Big Bear for the day. It was fun seeing family and we enjoyed the cooler weather since it was 105 degrees at our house. We all went out to dinner and ended the night with some dancing. Ella loved to dance and show off her moves. She was the only child there and she actually wasn't that busy which made the day more pleasant. Happy Birthday Jim. We were so glad to be there with you.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

School is out!

Today, Jordan finished his last final and is officially done with his 1st year of law school. HOORAY!!! It has been a challenging academic year with consistent 12-14 hour days of studying (no joke) ending in finals that represent %100 of his grade. I don't know how he did it. I'm so excited to have him home more. I feel like I get to have my husband back since I saw him so little this last year. He doesn't get much of a break because he starts his internship tomorrow. He is so excited to start it and to be out in the working field. I'm soo proud of his hard work and determination to be an attorney. I'm excited that we have 1 year down and 2 more to go. I heard it gets a little better the second and third year. I hope so. However, he will be busy being the new president of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society next year. I'm so happy for all his accomplishments and look forward to spending time with him. Go Jordan!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Ella riding the bus with her grandpa.
Eating cotton candy. How nutritious!
On Saturday, I watched the Stewart kids again. This time, I took them to Scandia. It's a place with miniature golf and carnival rides. They had a blast. My parents, Ryan and Wendy, and Jordan came too. Jordan took his 4th final for school in the morning and then met up with us later in the afternoon. It was so good the see him since I pretty much haven't seen him in over 2 weeks because of finals. We stayed there for 4 hours and the kids rode the rides over and over again. By the time we were done, they were wiped out, including Ella.

High School Musical

Ella with her Grandma Blocker
Last Friday Night Ella and I went to see the play, High School Musical at Chaffey High School. It was incredible and the students performed it really well. The singing and dancing was choreographed very well. I felt like I was watching it on Broadway. I couldn't take picture because we weren't allowed. This show was amazing and I can't wait for next spring when they do another show.

Where a Kid can be a Kid!

Ella rode this ride over and over and over again.

Last weekend, I babysat for the Stewarts in our ward. They have four cute and energetic children. We decided to go Chuck E. Cheese when they all got out of school . The kids had a blast and Ella loved to ride all the rides. She loved to look a the scary Chuck E. Cheese characters and had no fear at getting close to them. Her and Cannon just ran around the place while the older kids played the games.

We're in Trouble!

I have taken Ella and Paige to feed the ducks several times since the last post. We usually go to the same spot on the little lake the ducks are in. There was no signs posted around the spot that I was aware of. This time, we decided to walk around the lake. By doing that, we found this sign. ooops!

Brandon, Ella, and Paige

We stopped feeding the ducks and Brandon and Paige just fed Ella the bread and she liked it!