Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bye bye High Chair

Ella has graduated from her high chair and has officially moved to a booster seat. I can't believe how big she is now and how tiny she was when we first put her in it. I can't lift her so she would have to climb on the chair, then the table, and then into the high chair. It was a pain and dangerous. Plus, we need to have it in good condition for the next little one. I will miss these moments of her in the high chair but it will make my life more easy. I wanted to potty train her but because of my circumstances, I can't lift her so we put that on hold until the baby is born.

Ella's 1st trip to the Dentist

While Jordan was on his spring break, him and my mom took Ella to the to dentist for her first check up. Prior to the dentist, we would ask Ella, "What do you do for the dentist?". She would open her mouth really wide and and say "ahhhh". It was really cute because she had no idea what the dentist was like. When the arrived at the office, she was freaked out and when we asked her the dentist question, she kept her mouth closed as tight as possible. After warming up to her surroundings, she ended up opening her mouth enough for them to see her teeth. Both Jordan and Ella had no cavities. Hooray! They didn't clean her teeth because they didn't want to scare her on her first visit so she will be back in a couple months after the baby is born so I can take her.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Sweet Deal!

I got $195 worth of diapers for $74. I got 15 packs.
That's 598 diapers at 12 cents a piece
A week ago, Walgreen's was running a deal that if you spend $25 on Huggies diapers that you get a $10 gift card to use at the store. Meanwhile, the Huggies diapers were also on sale at $10 for a jumbo pack. I then went on and printed off $5 off coupons and $3 off coupons for Huggies diapers. I could print as many copies as needed so I printed a bunch . I went in and bought 3 packs of diapers for $30 and then used my coupons getting them for $18. Because I spent over $25, I got the $10 gift card. Then I went and bought 2 more packs and used my $5 off coupons for each and only spent $2 all together (I had to pay the tax). So I ended up getting 5 packs of diapers for about $20. I went and did it 2 more times ending up with 15 packs for $74. the reason why it was a little more is because I bought out all the diapers in the store so I bought some pull ups for Ella and they were a little more but I still got an awesome deal.

Great Grandpa Blocker

My Grandpa Blocker came down to visit my parents from Utah. Ella and I were already staying there so we got to spend lots of time with him. Beside all the many hours of sleeping he did, Ella loved spending time with him. She liked to push him down the hallway in his wheelchair and when he was sleeping she liked to be pushed around really fast by her Papa. It was fun visiting him and hearing all his funny stories.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Okay so I went in for an ultrasound a few weeks ago and the doctor said he thought everything was okay and that my placenta looked good and the tear was healed. We were thrilled! A few days later I went to see my OB, I was still bleeding so she decided to send me to a perinatal specialist to make sure everything was okay. She thought I was fine and told me to start doing light strenuous activities. Last Wednesday, I went to see the perinatal specialist and found out that I'm not okay. He found a subchronic tear (8 cm) in my placenta however, it wasn't in the normal spot they usually occur in which is why the other doctor didn't catch it. He seemed very concerned and told me that he guarantees that I will go into preterm labor. He said he doesn't know when but I could go into labor as early as 24 weeks. Of course, I'm freaked out that I could have this baby in a few weeks with the high risk of serious complications and low survival rate. The reason I'll go into preterm labor is that my placenta will eventually tear completely off the uterus wall causing placental abruption. This is even more serious because it is harmful the the baby and to myself. There is no treatment for this but to hope the placenta hangs on as long as possible. The specialist put me on a progesterone hormone that could help calm my uterus and maybe allow the placenta to heal. It has not been diagnosed as a treatment but it has helped some women in the past and I'm willing to do whatever it takes. Our goal is to have our baby girl sometime after June 8 (34 weeks) because the risk of complications aren't as high. Lets keep our fingers crossed. As for me, I have been put on strict bed rest until I see the specialist next week. I will be seeing him for the rest of my pregnancy along with OB. I have moved into my parents house so my mom can take care of Ella and me. It has been a blessing. She and Jordan pamper me as I lay in bed or on the couch. This experience has be extremely hard for me but I seem to be coping very well. I can't wait to get back to normal but it looks like I'll be on bed rest until our little bundle of joy is here with us.