Wednesday, July 27, 2011

McKenna Turns 2!!!

My little baby is now 2. I can't believe it. We celebrated her birthday a week early since we were going to be back in Texas for the actual day. My wonderful sister in-law made her cake and it was beautiful. She got a microwave with play food, a baby doll, baby doll bed, and a bike. She will also be getting a play house when we move to our new home but that is in the process. McKenna is so much fun. She talks, talks, and talks. She loves to do what her big sister wants to do. She loves to snuggle and sleeps like a champ. I love her curly hair and when she gives me open mouth kisses. She loves the pool and likes to jump off the diving board. We love her so much. Happy Birthday McKenna.

Our McKenna

The awesome cake

She actually blew out the candles

Opening presents

Giving Birthday Hugs

Marissa and Ella

Last Day in Cali

As our 5 week long vacation came to an end, we spent the last day again in Laguna Beach. Wendy and the kids came with me and the tide was really high and the waves were sooo high and rough. It was really pretty to watch but we couldn't let the kids go in by themselves. It had this ring of cement that is always empty when we go. However since the tide was high, it was full of water. It looked like a pool. The kids had fun playing in it. It was a great day to end our vacation.

My McKenna

McKenna, Ella, and Marissa

Loving the beach
The cool pool.
Buddy and Ella hanging out

Palm Springs

Jordan's parents gave us a timeshare they were not going to use. So Jordan and I took advantage of it and spent our 4th of July in Palm Springs at the Westin Mission Hills Resort. It was so nice and HUGE. We had a jacuzzi in our room! It was a 2 bedroom place so my parents came out along with my mom's friend Brenda, Wendy and the kids, and my Aunt Diane and cousin Melissa. Jordan left on Monday and then we made it a girls week for the rest to the week. We had a blast. We swam during the day and played card games at night. It was really relaxing and fun. So glad we did it. Thanks Steve and Marjie for the timeshare.

Happy 4th of July

Waiting for the fireworks

My cute little girls

Swimming at the pool

The weather was sooo hot

McKenna and I going down the water slide

Cherry Hill

This year we did our 4th annual camping trip at Cherry Hill. This took place in Utah. 45 people ending up coming. On the way up, we got a flat tire and it took us 14 hours to get there. My girls got to hang out with all their cousins. We of course did the water park one day and both the girls got to ride down the big dragon slides. We also celebrated my sister's 30th birthday. We had a surprise party and ate Baskin Robbins ice cream cake (my favorite).

Ella and Marissa

Ella and Kloe

Protecting the food from the rain

All the kids!


Happy 30th Laurie

Buddy and McKenna

Aunt Sue's House

Aunt Sue has he most beautiful backyard I have ever seen. In the backyard they have this little playhouse. Uncle Bill cleaned the house out and placed play toys for the girls. They LOVED playing "house" in it. The wore little aprons and took turns giving everyone "play food". They still talk about that house and hope to have something like that when we have a real backyard.

The cutest little house

playing "house".

Swimming in the pool with daddy

Marcie's Bridal Shower

While in the Bay Area, I was able to throw Marcie and bridal shower. I hosted it at Aunt Sue's home and it turned out wonderful. The colors for the shower where black, white and the Tiffany's blue. I had so much fun planning and hosting the shower. I look forward to standing in her wedding line.

The cupcake and favor table


The present and drink table
The wine glasses

I made chocolate dipped pretzels as the party favors

The yummy cupcakes

The food!
Opening presents. Ella had to help.

My little bride to be

Marcie and I

Santa Cruz

While getting wedding plans finalized in Capitola for Marcie, we spent part of the day at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. This place has many memories from Jordan and I's childhood. They had the same rides we rode when we were little. It was cool that our little girls could ride them too. They had a blast. We can't wait to go back in October!

Riding the whales!!! My favorite ride when I was little.

The famous Merry-go-round

Ella and her Auntie Marcie


We went to the bay area to visit Jordan's family. We also got to spend a few days with the Nosal family. We were spoiled and had a great time. The girls LOVED hanging out with Sally. Ella has been obsessed with convertibles and got to ride in Sally's Porsche for her first experience. She said it was "awesome". We love spending time with the Nosals and I'm so grateful we have kept in such great contact.

Giving a thumbs up for the ride

McKenna and her new mermaid fins

Ella and her mermaid fins

JD and Ella

Riding in the porsche